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Orlando Magic News for August 24th: All Dwight Howard, All Day

  • The 10 best teams of the decade never to win a championship
    Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie takes a comprehensive look at the 10 best teams never to win a championship since the 1999-2000 season.

  • Top Five Centers for 2009-10
    Tim Povtak of NBA FanHouse lists the top five centers in the NBA, heading into the 2009-2010 season. No surprise who's listed at #1.

    Dwight Howard, Magic: There is no argument, and not even a debate on No. 1, which makes it kind of boring. He's just too athletic, too strong physically and too motivated for anyone else to challenge him for the top. The rest of the league should be worried because he's going to continue improving for a couple more years. He led the Magic into the Finals last season, and he's such a dominating presence that unless the front office screws up and lets the team erode around him, he'll keep them near the top of the league for the next decade. After leading the league in rebounding and blocked shots, he'll improve offensively this season.
  • What happens after a Finals loss? The 2005-2006 Dallas Mavericks
    Tania Ganguli continues a series that takes a gander at what happens to teams the following year after a Finals loss.

  • Dwight Howard tells the people of Shanghai he loves them
    China loves Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard loves China.

  • Where International Superstars are not Coddled
    UPDATE: Henry Abbott of TrueHoop has more about Superman's visit.