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Orlando Magic News for August 20th: Examining Three-Pointers; Dwight Howard on SportsCenter

  • Nichols and Dime: Setting Up the Three: Which Shot Types Do the Best Job?
    Jon Nichols of Hardwood Paroxysm takes a closer look at what might be the best strategies in setting up the three-point shot. A great and intriguing read.

    Perhaps, the thinking goes, midrange shots are efficient not because of how often they are converted but because of how they improve the conversion rates of other shots, namely three-pointers. If you mix up your shot types, teams have to respect each one and can’t just prevent three-pointers. Therefore, midrange shots improve the efficiency of three-pointers.

    Is this true?
  • Video of My Conversation with Jay Harris on SportsCenter
    Dwight Howard posts on his official blog, last night, and shares a video of his appearance on SportsCenter. Check it out.

  • Hard day of work now going ...
    Rashard Lewis checks in on Twitter and let's everyone know what he was up to, yesterday. It appears 'Building Magic' week has been going smoothly.

    Hard day of work now going bowling with team mates.
  • Thanks to everyone in the community, so far, that has voted in the 'retired jerseys' poll. Barring a flood of votes for either Tracy McGrady or Bo Outlaw, looks like the final post in my mini-series will be on Scott Skiles.
  • Dwight Howard Making 'The Leap'
    UPDATE: John Denton of HOOPSWORLD writes an excellent piece about Dwight Howard, early this morning. Give it a gander. (HT: O-Rena Oblivion)