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More from Matt Barnes' Introductory Presser; What's Left for the Orlando Magic to do This Summer

Ordinarily, either Eddy or I will transcribe Orlando Magic press conferences after they happen, and then I archive them here. However, we got scooped on Matt Barnes' media availability last Friday, which is why I didn't bother doing a transcription this time around. To wit:

As Eddy explained in his recap, the biggest news appeared to be that coach Stan Van Gundy had decided to keep Rashard Lewis at power forward in the Magic's lineup, leaving the small forward spot for either Mickael Pietrus or Barnes--teammates for two seasons in Golden State--to claim. That much came from Barnes himself. Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel checked with Stan, however, and came away with the knowledge that Van Gundy could yet decide to start free-agent signee Brandon Bass at power forward, moving Lewis to small forward. That'd be some momentous news, as the Magic haven't started a "conventional" lineup regularly since Van Gundy arrived two seasons ago.

The only intrigue the rest of the summer, as far as the Magic are concerned, regards Van Gundy's lineup choice and the two players GM Otis Smith will sign to bring the roster to the league-minimum 13.