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Jason Williams To Sign With Orlando Magic

Via Alex Kennedy of RealGM:


The Orlando Magic will sign Jason Williams in the coming days, according to a source that spoke with RealGM's Alex Kennedy. Williams, who worked out for the Magic on Tuesday, resides in Orlando with his family and will return after retiring shortly before the 08-09 season.


UPDATE: Well, after weeks of searching for a third point guard, it appears that Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith has found his man in Jason Williams. It's clear that Smith tried everything in his power to acquire C.J. Watson from the Golden State Warriors, but the Warriors wouldn't bite on an offer. As such, Smith turned his eyes elsewhere and found a player that was actually rumored to sign with the Magic during last year's off-season. As such, this move shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Williams stated that Orlando was his top choice and voila, he's on his way.


Expect analysis on the signing at Third Quarter Collapse in the next coming days.


UPDATE 2: I will be at the RDV SportsPlex tomorrow morning to speak with Jason Williams. Stay tuned for a Q/A post sometime during the afternoon. Thanks.


UPDATE 3: Don't put it past Smith to still try to execute a sign-and-trade for Watson.

"It’s going to always be an option. Even after we sign someone, it’s going to be an option."


UPDATE 4: Tania Ganguli was able to speak with head coach Stan Van Gundy earlier this afternoon, and here's what he had to say about signing Williams:

He [...] said Williams and Anthony Johnson will battle in camp for the minutes. So don't be so sure Johnson is definitely this team's No. 2.


"I think there’s some real similarities between he and Rafer in that I think you have guys that are in their 30s, veteran guys who are a little bit older, but have the type of bodies that are a little bit younger than their age.


"The thing that Jason’s got that we really like he can play big minutes if needed, and that’s what ended up happening with Jameer last year when he went down. Jason, as he puts in the work, gets back in shape, has the type of body and the type of energy that will allow him to play big minutes if we need that. We hope we won’t."


Van Gundy, who's familiar with Williams from when they both were in Miami, said the main thing he was interested in at yesterday's workout was that "he still looked like Jason Williams."