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Orlando Magic News for August 19th: Otis Smith Mulling His Next Move, Vince Carter Making An Impact Off The Court, and More

  • Otis Smith doesn't anticipate working out any more players
    Tania Ganguli chats with Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith, yesterday, and gathers his thoughts on Jason Williams and C.J. Watson.

    Spoke to Otis Smith a minute ago about Jason Williams and point guards in general. No decisions have been made, he said.

    He said the main reason they brought in Williams for a workout at RDV Sportsplex -- they don't do this often -- is that Williams hasn't played in a year and they needed to get a look at what he can still do. Smith said he doesn't expect to bring in any other players to work out.

    As for C.J. Watson, Smith's comments on that:

    "Nothing is dead. We’re still trying to find a way to get our team better. At this point everything is still open."
  • Emotional Carter helps dedicate rehab center
    A great piece by Deborah Circelli of the Daytona Beach News-Journal about Vince Carter as he helps dedicate rehab center. (via the Orlando Sentinel)

    Orlando Magic player Vince Carter wiped tears from his eyes and paused as he tried to explain why he helped build a new substance abuse treatment center that bears his name.

    It's not about the recognition or donating $1.6 million with his mom toward the Vince Carter Sanctuary in Bunnell, he said. The point is, "how many people can we help."

    "I've seen teammates, friends and family fall victim to what we are trying to fix," he said Monday afternoon to 200 people at the dedication of the sanctuary.
  • FreeDarko/adidas Super-Bargain!!!!
    Courtesy of FreeDarko:

    Some of you may recall the Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose web spots we worked with adidas on. To pass the time this summer, adidas has decided to put some of Big Baby's Dwight Howard art on a shirt.

    While the tee's been spotted in the New York store and at this summer's adidas Nations camp in Dallas, there has yet to be an official release. In the meantime, we've been given a limited number to play around with, so here's the special offer: spend $100 or more at the FreeDarko Imperial Outlet, and you'll get one of these FreeDarko/adidas joints before anyone else on your block for one penny. If you want, Big Baby, myself, and any other FD members will sign it for you, too.
  • I've thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing my 'retired jerseys' mini-series that I've conducted at Third Quarter Collapse for roughly the past week. Likewise, there have been a few readers that have wondered why I didn't write about "so-and-so" player. Well, I'm willing to have the community suggest one player they would like to see me cover in a post. If you'd like, feel free to toss out some names and I'll put up a poll during the afternoon to see which individual is the choice of the people.
  • What happens after a Finals loss? The 1985-86 Houston Rockets
    UPDATE: The Orlando Sentinel is running a series, looking at teams that lost in the NBA Finals and how they fared afterward. Pretty cool, check it out.