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Orlando Magic News for August 13th: Respect, A Dwight Howard Update, and More

  • Do the Orlando Magic get enough respect?
    Tania Ganguli gives Orlando Sentinel readers something to look forward to.

    There's been a lot of talk about the Magic entering the 2009-2010 season as underdogs, again, and getting no respect, again. Even after an Eastern Conference championship, and an aggressive offseason.

    But is that perception or reality?

    For tomorrow's paper, we'll publish a poll in which my colleague Josh Robbins asked several NBA  analysts to rank the teams in the East. With thoughts from analysts nationwide all in one place, you'll get a chance to see if it's true -- if NBA pundits really aren't giving your Orlando Magic a shot again this year
  • a craaaa-zzzzzy summer
    Dwight Howard posts on his official blog, today. 

    Some folks in Orlando are concerned that I’m not working enough on basketball while I’m doing all of this traveling, but yall have nothing to worry about. Everywhere I go my two trainers go with me. Just last week, we were going through workout sessions at 5:30 in the morning and again in the afternoon. We usually spend 90 minutes a day in the weight room and 90 minutes on the court. Trust me, I’m working harder this summer than I’ve ever worked in my life.

    Getting to the NBA Finals just made me hungrier than I’ve ever been. I know I have to come back better next season for us to get that ‘ship. I want it really, really, really bad. So ya’ll aint got to worry about me getting my work in. Your boy is getting better, believe that!!!!!
  • Welcome Home
    Mickael Pietrus, courtesy of NBATV, tours his home island of Guadeloupe. 

  • Nets Giving Away Celtics Jerseys
    Tom Ziller of NBA FanHouse reports this interesting tidbit. 

    As long as the NBA has existed, teams with poor attendance have sold the visiting team as a main attraction. "See Larry Bird in Kansas City!" and so on. But the Nets are taking this to a new level.

    New Jersey is promoting its 10-game ticket plans by offering up five (!) complimentary reversible jerseys. Unlike most reversibles, the Nets are only represented on one side of the kit. On the other side: LeBron, Kobe, Dwight, Dwyane or KG. Yes, the Nets are effectively giving away Cavs, Lakers, Magic, Heat and Celtics jerseys to ticket buyers. This is going to get really awkward if the Nets capture the eighth seed and face off against one of the East's Big Three.