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Orlando Magic News for August 11th: Keeping an Eye on Boston and Cleveland; Debating the Merits of Owning the #1 Pick in the NBA Draft

  • Ten Thousand Strong at Least
    Rob Mahoney of Hardwood Paroxysm elaborates on how the Boston Celtics have been able to improve and what that means for the Orlando Magic.

    I’m not ignoring the possibility that Garnett could and may miss some time.  I just don’t think it’s fair to him or this team to assume it’s destined to happen.

    Of course, the Celtics have added enough to still pose a real threat without KG.  The Magic and the Cavs have made some tremendous moves this off-season, but the Boston army still looms.  The C’s are absolutely stacked inside, and they’ve complemented Kendrick Perkins (who may be the best solo defender of Dwight Howard in the game) nicely by adding Rasheed Wallace, re-signing Glen Davis, and digging Shelden Williams out from under the porch.  That’s a set of bigs to be proud of, even if the rest of the world eyes your team with bitter jealousy; Wallace and Davis can both space the floor on offense, while Perk and Williams are more prototypical defenders and rebounders inside.  That’s depth without Kevin Garnett, and adding one of the best power forwards in the game back into that mix only makes it that much more potent.  It’s nightmare fuel for every Eastern Conference coach nursing rebounding advantage dreams.
  • Detroit Pistons hire veteran NBA coach Brian Hill as assistant 
    Former Orlando head coach Brian Hill lands a coaching gig with the Detroit Pistons after spending two years as an assistant with the New Jersey Nets

  • Tim Povtak and Matt Steinmetz, writers of NBA FanHouse, debate whether or not it's better to have the #1 pick in the NBA Draft or cap space.
  • In other news relevant to the Magic, the Boston Celtics have re-signed Glen Davis and the Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Leon Powe.
  • Video From My Father Son Basketball Camp in Atlanta
    UPDATE: Dwight Howard reveals a video of his basketball camp in Atlanta.