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What They're Saying About Rasheed Wallace Committing To The Boston Celtics

Normally this move wouldn't be posted at 3QC, but given that a free agent target (Rasheed Wallace) signed with a conference rival (Boston Celtics), it bears relevance to the Orlando Magic

  • Report: Rasheed Wallace commits to Celtics
    J.E. Skeets of Ball Don't Lie provides the backdrop of the C's snagging 'Sheed.

    Wallace's agent, Bill Strickland, originally said his client would meet with other teams later this week, but that butter knife Garnett held to 'Sheed's throat apparently did the trick. (KG's very convincing!) Charlotte, Cleveland, Orlando, Dallas and San Antonio were said to be other suitors.

    The 35-year-old Wallace can play the low post and also has exceptional shooting range. He averaged 12 points per game for the Pistons last year, before falling to just 6.5 points per game in the first round of the playoffs [...] 
  • Wallace Makes Celtics NBA's Best Team
    Matt Steinmetz of NBA FanHouse elaborates on what the Rasheed Wallace signing means for the other title contenders in the Association. 

    The Celtics may have only been a Kevin Garnett away from repeating in the first place in 2009. Now, the Celtics could be heading into next year's postseason with Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and Wallace.

    That's championship-caliber in any league. But that's how good Wallace is and what he would have meant to any contender, quite frankly. Sure, the Celtics were the lucky ones, yet what's most important here is that Wallace would have made any and all of the handful of contenders the favorite. [...]

    What we know is that Wallace is going to play for the Celtics next season. Which makes them the team to beat heading into next season.
  • Wallace Joins Celtics
    Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus chimes in on the transaction.

    I did not consider a versatile four as important a need for the Celtics as Cleveland because of Kevin Garnett’s presumed return from knee trouble next season. If Garnett is healthy, he’s perfectly capable of defending on the perimeter, and if he’s sidelined Boston’s problems run deeper than matchups.

    Still, it’s easy to see where a focused, motivated Wallace could help the Celtics in a role similar to the one played by James Posey in the 2008 NBA Finals. Then, Boston moved Garnett to the middle to match up with the Lakers’ frontcourt of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, and Posey’s clutch three-pointers were a key to the Celtics winning the title. Doc Rivers may now have a tougher time taking an improving Kendrick Perkins off the floor, but it’s always preferable to have options, and Rivers will. Should Boston be able to re-sign Davis, a restricted free agent, the team will also be well insulated should Wallace be unable to fit into a reserve role or see his game fall off in the postseason as it has in recent years in Detroit. Right now, Wallace is something of a bonus, and a very nice one for the Celtics. 
  • A Change of Seasons
    UPDATE: Rob Mahoney of Hardwood Paroxysm talks about the acquisition. 

    Sheed’s internal politics aside, this is a pretty great move for the Celtics.  I don’t think it puts them head and shoulders above the rest of the title hopefuls, but it certainly cements Boston’s place among the league elite.  Any chance of slippage or rust is countered by making such a big addition, and the fact that the Celtics were able to fortify the center position is even more helpful than you might think.  Wallace might seem to be but a marginal upgrade over some combination of Leon Powe and Glen Davis, but he’s both put together and then some.  The problem with both Powe and Davis is that their skills are held back by their lack of size.  Wallace is tall enough to cast shadows over both, while well eclipsing their respective skill and talent levels.  If Leon and Big Baby remain Celtics, then they’re as deep as an ocean up front.  If not, then Sheed is more than capable of fulfilling their duties (while playing far superior defense) in a three big rotation with KG and Perk.  Those are three big, bad men with three big, bad mouths on ‘em, and a strong enough group to challenge any team in the league.
  • Celtics No Better With Rasheed Wallace
    UPDATE 2: Brett Pollakoff of NBA FanHouse offers a different view from his colleague - Steinmetz, who states the C's are the team to beat in the NBA. 

    Sheed has always been a guy who likes to get his shots. And if the flow of the game isn't going his way, no problem: he'll just pull up for an ill-advised three-pointer while trailing on the break, or in the half-court set with 21 seconds left on the shot clock. On a Celtics team with plenty of guys who can score, they don't need to add a player who isn't that great of a one-on-one defender (whether due to age or lack of interest, we'll certainly find out soon enough) and who thinks he should be a focal point of the offense. 
  • Rasheed Wallace on the Celtics? Not bad -
    UPDATE 3: Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie analyzes 'Sheed's arrival to Beantown. 

  • Wallace gives Celtics 'K.G. Insurance'
    UPDATE 4: Peter May, a special to Yahoo! Sports, writes about the signing.