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Orlando Magic News for July 30th: A Look at a Divisional & State Rival, Vince Carter, and More

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  • Lamar Odom wouldn't make the Heat a championship team
    Tania Ganguli examines what Lamar Odom's possible commitment to the Miami Heat means for the franchise, and indirectly, for the Orlando Magic.

  • Does Vince Carter carry the burden of proof this season?
    The Orlando Sentinel linked to a story this morning, which lists Vince Carter as one of the players in the NBA who will be carrying a big burden heading into next season. Take a look, it's an interesting take.

  • Jason Williams, Jamaal Tinsley add intrigue to NBA free-agency
    Scott Howard-Cooper of Sports Illustrated takes a look at two free agents looking for a team to join.

    Subtly, without great fanfare, without much more than official notification and maybe a canned statement, the landscape changed.

    Jason Williams and Jamaal Tinsley aren't good enough to create public clamor by becoming free agents. They were not able to in their finest moments, and this definitely is not that, so the fitting-in thing serves them much better anyway after previous brushes as a spectacle. A spotlight is the last thing they should want in their comeback summer.

    But change the market did. Williams is a late-arriving unrestricted free agent at point guard, and Tinsley is a late-arriving unrestricted free agent at point guard, and, my, that does make things more interesting.
    It must be said that Jamaal Tinsley has no shot at joining the Magic (his character being the main issue), but Williams may be an option as Orlando's third point guard. It may not happen, but it's not outside the realm possibility.
  • NBA, NHL soften stance on jersey ads
    USA Today reports that the NBA will allow teams to sell ads on their practice jerseys - beginning this season - and possibly, on their game jerseys.

    "We are operating a diverse business all around the world," [deputy commissioner Adam] Silver says. "(The sponsored game jersey) is a well-established practice in other countries. Ultimately, I think our fans will come to accept it."
  • Van Gundy: 'Otis has done a tremendous job' this summer
    UPDATE: Josh Robbins speaks with head coach Stan Van Gundy and gathers a myriad of quotes from the coach - he has plenty to say, as always. 

    "Otis has done a tremendous job, I think, not only in signing good players but really getting pieces that have a very good chance of fitting together well," Van Gundy said. "I think that we've got several very versatile guys. I think we've got about every situation covered. I don't think that there's really any kind of lineup that we can't play."
    For now, however, Van Gundy said he doesn't have his mind made up on the fifth starter. [...]

    "I think we certainly have that option to play [conventionally], but I think at the same time, we've still got very much the ability to spread people out and play the way we've played in the past," Van Gundy said.

    "Brandon certainly gives us a chance to play more conventionally at times and get a more physical presence, but at the same time, I think we also can do even more in terms of keeping the floor spread out." 

    Seems SVG is leaning towards maintaining the status quo, lineup-wise. 

  • Stan Van Gundy thinks Lamar Odom and Carlos Boozer moving to the east would seriously impact the Eastern Conference
    UPDATE 2: More SVG quotes for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.