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Poll: Which Orlando Magic Player Do You Represent?



For fans, it's an item of clothing that is commonly purchased to support one's favorite player and/or team. For the Orlando Magic, it's not uncommon to see a Dwight Howard jersey being donned by a person, or a Rashard Lewis uni, etc. It's a basic and easy way of displaying fan-hood and loyalty, whenever applicable.


Today's poll isn't a poll, per se, but rather a survey, of sorts. For those in the community, if you own a jersey, which player are you representing? If you don't own a jersey, which player would you represent? To be honest, there is no right or wrong answer. Each person has a player that they're drawn to, for whatever reason.


Or maybe a coach. 


Can't go wrong with Stan Van Gundy or Hall of Famer, Patrick Ewing. There's always the option of customizing a jersey, or perhaps, snag an old Magic jersey for Ewing.


Just saying.


So, what is your jersey of choice?