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Another Word of the Day: Bummer

bummer (n.) - any unpleasant or disappointing experience:

No, I'm not referring to the Orlando Magic's recent lack of activity on the free-agency and trade front, although that is a bit of a bummer, but not entirely unexpected, given the team's complete and utter lack of money to spend.

Nope, I'm taking about baseball. And there is a Magic component to my complaint.

The New York Yankees--the favorite baseball team in the Rock household--are in nearby Saint Petersburg for a series against the Tampa Bay Rays, so my dad gave me a choice of attending tonight's game, or attending last night's. I chose last night's, as CC Sabathia, my favorite Yankee, was scheduled to take the hill for New York.

So indeed my Dad and I drove to Tropicana Field to see the Yankees play the Rays. Sabathia proceeded to toss a mediocre game, yielding 9 hits and 6 runs (5 earned) in 5-and-two-thirds innings. Apart from a first-inning double play keyed by Robinson Cano's backhanded grab, there were no highlights for Yankees fans, as the Rays cruised to a 6-2 victory behind Scott Kazmir's finest start of the season.

Tonight, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard threw out the ceremonial first pitch, and Derek Jeter led the game off with a triple down the right-field line, scoring later when Mark Teixeira punched a single through the right side of the infield despite Tampa Bay's defensive shift.

So I chose the wrong game. Bummer.