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Poll: How Many Home Games Will You Attend In The 2009-2010 Regular Season?

Another day, another poll.

It's good to be an Orlando Magic fan, right now. A franchise, once flirting with the prospect of leaving town, has re-emerged as a powerhouse in the NBA after 10+ years meddling in mediocrity. Spurred by a second NBA Finals appearance in team history this past season, the sky appears to be the limit for the Magic. One has to credit the front office, the head coach, and the owner for its commitment to winning. Orlando has made its statement that it's going "all in" in its quest for a title this year in $80 million ways.

Question is, will the city respond by filling up the Amway Arena this coming season? The atmosphere in the 2009 NBA Playoffs was, at times, electric and reminded many loyal fans of the mid-90's when the O-Rena was buzzing. Good times, indeed.

Will it happen again? Will the fan-base treat the "Am" to a proper farewell, in the building's last year of existence, by continuing to bring that energy and excitement?

Let your thoughts be known.