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Orlando Magic News for July 20th: a Closer Look at the Roster; C.J. Watson Examined

  • The Magic and Pistons Go Different Directions
    Dave Berri of The Wages of Wins Journal examines two franchises, the Orlando Magic and the Detroit Pistons, and notes how each have changed directions since meeting in the 2008 Eastern Semifinals (HT: Eyriq the Red). 

  • C.J. Watson would be a solid pickup, but Anthony Johnson will forever go down as underappreciated
    Zach McCann of Orlando Magic Daily compares Anthony Johnson and C.J. Watson and notes the improvements the latter player provides on the basketball court compared to the former player.

    Watson had a much-higher PER, turned the ball over less, was more active in creating turnovers and provided a far-more consistent offensive player than Johnson — Watson is going to be a great fit, if the Warriors don’t match. He’s used to playing in an up-tempo style after spending a couple years with the Warriors, and he plays a lot like a poor man’s Jameer Nelson by shooting well from the outside and being a natural scorer at heart.
  • Here's a YouTube video of C.J. Watson (HT: MagicGator). 


  • Orlando Magic Dancer wins Miss Florida USA 2010 title
    Josh Robbins has this nice tidbit to share about the team.

    Megan Clementi, a longtime member of the Orlando Magic Dancers, won the Miss Florida USA 2010 title over the weekend, the pageant's Web site is reporting.  

    With the victory, Clementi earned the chance to compete at next year's Miss USA pageant. The winner of that event will represent the United States in the Miss Universe pageant.