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Orlando Magic News for July 15th: Unlikely Contract Incentives,'s Southeast Division Outlook, and More

  • Unique, unlikely performance-based contract incentives
    J.E. Skeets of Ball Don't Lie takes a look (via Dave D'Alessandro of The Star-Ledger) at the oddest performance-based incentives in the NBA. 

    * Adonal Foyle gets $500,000 if he wins MVP, and another $500K if he wins MVP of the NBA Finals. [...]

    * Rafer Alston gets an additional $325,000 if he makes the All-Star team.
  • Shocker: crowns Orlando Magic as Southeast Division's team to beat
    Tania Ganguli points out that has listed the Orlando Magic as the team to beat in the Southeast Division next season. No surprise there. 

  • Magic out to ensure a title run
    George Diaz talks about how Orlando has made a concerted effort to swing for the fences during the off-season.

    Question the logic of embracing Vince Carter and rejecting Hedo Turkoglu.

    Rip the team for trading emerging star Courtney Lee.

    Worry about the possibility of Marcin Gortat turning into a disgruntled employee sitting on his big contract instead of trying to earn it.

    But don't dare question the Orlando Magic's aggressive pursuit of an NBA title. The team is making significant roster changes despite falling only a few games short of the big bling last season.

    I'm loving this. You should, too. How many professional franchises — pick any sport — are trying to sell mediocrity to paying customers? How many owners are too cheap to sign quality players? How many times have you been disappointed by front-office buffoonery? [...]

    The Magic definitely dig the long ball. They want it all. Now.
  • Howard Trying To Motivate V.C. With Dunk Talk?
    Bethlehem Shoals of The Baseline examines Dwight Howard's comments about playfully challenging Vince Carter to a dunk contest.

    Most likely this is just Howard goofin' around, and doing his best to, as usual, get attention in the canniest way possible. What if, though, he's trying to light a fire under Carter, and encourage him to not only lay off the jumper and get in the lane (he’s done a better job of that in recent seasons), but also to recapture some of the ferocity of years past? I don't think players anymore quake in their Nikes when they see Carter coming at them.

    Even this late in the SG's career, it doesn't have to be that way. But whatever, I'll settle for a little bit of team-sanctioned guerilla video from practice. It would light the internet ablaze. I hope someone in the PR department is reading this -- we would go to bed clutching that code if we could.
  • UPDATE: Via the Magic:
    The Wells’ Built Museum will unveil an exhibit on the Orlando Magic [tomorrow], featuring historic photos, jerseys and other items of interest from the franchise. Magic General Manager Otis Smith, the first African-American general manager for the Magic, Magic Community Ambassador Nick Anderson, the first African-American player drafted by the Magic and Director of Player Development Morlon Wiley, the first African-American player signed by the Magic, will be featured in the exhibit.