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Orlando Magic News for July 12th: Recapping The Orlando Pro Summer League, and More

  • Orlando Summer League: Notes on Hansbrough and more
    John Denton writes a special to, recapping the 2009 Orlando Pro Summer League that concluded two days ago.

  • Here is a quick reference to Third Quarter Collapse's coverage of the Summer League during the week  - Day 1/game recap, Day 2/game recap, Day 3/game recap, Day 4/game recap, Day 5/game recap. Enjoy, everyone. 
  • Raptors Want to Be Magic of North
    Matt Steinmetz of NBA FanHouse states how the Toronto Raptors, with the addition of Hedo Turkoglu, strive to be like the Orlando Magic.

    Raptors coach Jay Triano already has thought a lot about how his team is going to play in 2009-10. He pretty much wants the Raptors to be the Orlando Magic of the North.

    Triano has three versatile big men at his disposal – Chris Bosh, Andrea Bargnani and Hedo Turkoglu – and he plans to employ the same kind of system that was successful for the Magic this past season.

    "Hedo is so good at handling the ball, and we're not afraid of letting our forwards do that," Triano said. "Bargnani stretches the defense with his ability to shoot and Bosh is good inside or facing up or rolling to the basket. I would think we'll do things similar to what Orlando did.
  • Tomorrow, the Magic will hold a media availability session for newly-acquired Brandon Bass. Ben Q. Rock and I will be there to cover the proceedings. 
  • For Lee, Harris is the Model
    UPDATE: Nets Daily writes an excellent article on Courtney Lee.