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Programming Note: 3QC Touring the Orlando Events Center Tomorrow Morning


The days here at 3QC have been busy lately. Orlando Magic player evaluations, free agency news, trades, summer league... it's hectic. Not as focused as I'd like, perhaps. Ordinarily, I'd hate to throw another proverbial curve with this site's Magic coverage. But this is different.

Tomorrow, I'll take part in a media tour of the construction site of the Orlando Events Center, into which the Magic will move in 2010. Later on, I'll have a post about the experience. Until then, feast your eyes on the latest rendering of the arena, pictured above. And below the jump, a head-to-head comparison of Amway Arena--which the Magic have occupied since their inception--and the Orlando Events Center.

Statistical Comparison of Amway Arena and Orlando Events Center
Orlando Events Center Amway Arena
18,500 NBA seating capacity 17,282
875,000 Square footage 367,000
60, including:
4 Chairman suites,
2 super suites,
4 party suites
Suites 26 skyboxes
1,428 Club Seats 0
4 (30') Concourses (avg. width) 1 (20')
18 men's,
19 women's
Public restrooms 4 men's,
4 women's
3 Retail stores 0
(4 fixed stands)
1:150 spectators Concession points of sale 1:215 spectators
Fall 2010 Open date January 1989
All information courtesy of the Orlando Magic