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Poll: Predict The Impact Player In Game 2

Tonight, the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers face off in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. There's no doubt that Orlando will play better, given the circumstances, but the question is can the Magic beat the Lakers and take home-court away?

Many Orlando fans hope the answer to the inquiry is 'yes' because the team can't afford to leave Los Angeles without a split, if it wants a realistic chance at winning the title. Sure, the Magic have come back from long odds before in the playoffs this year but potentially being down 2-0 in a series against the Lakers is not an ideal situation to be in. As head coach Stan Van Gundy has said before, the team can't afford to keep digging themselves in big holes in hopes of digging out of them.

As such, it's clear that someone on Orlando is going to need to step his game up tonight against Los Angeles. It could be Dwight Howard, it could be Hedo Turkoglu, it could be anyone on the Magic roster. A number of different players for Orlando have proven capable of carrying the team when necessary. So who will it be?