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NBA Finals Game 1 Open Thread: Second Half

At halftime of Game 1 in the 2009 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers lead the Orlando Magic, 53-43. The Lakers are shooting a blistering 52.1% from the field, and lead despite making only 1 three-pointers and 2 free throws. Orlando is a dismal 14-of-39 from the field for 35.9%. Hedo Turkoglu (11 points, 3-of-6 shooting) and Jameer Nelson (4 points, 2-of-4 shooting, 4 assists) are the lone bright spots for the Magic, who are looking to win their first NBA Finals game in 5 tries as a franchise.

Use this thread to comment about the second half, which is about to get underway.

UPDATE: the game recap is now posted. Please comment in that thread. The comment section of this post is now closed.