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Happy Birthday, J.J. Redick!

Briefly, we'd like to extend best birthday wishes to Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick, who turns 25 today. Redick took a bit of a step back last season, posting the worst shooting percentages and turnover numbers of his career, but I have no doubt he'll bounce back. He's improved his athleticism and playmaking ability--in spite of the turnovers--since the Magic drafted him in 2006, and if he ever regains his shooting touch, he'll be a rotation player in Orlando for years to come. Here's J.J.'s assessment of his performance in 2008/2009:

I was reflecting on my season and I think when most young players come into the league they think it’s going to be easy and they are just going to hit the ground running. But I’ve really had to work to really improve. This year was a big step forward for me in terms of my development and my improvement. I think I’ve established myself as a threat in this league.

Many happy returns, J.J.