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Create A Caption #19 Winner

Well, 24 hours have passed and we have a winner in Third Quarter Collapse's nineteenth "create a caption" competition. 


Ken Mauer: Shooting foul on blue, 1-3. 2-3 to shoot two.

Marcin Gortat: What do you mean shooting foul? How did I foul LeBron?

Hedo Turkoglu: There's no way he fouled LeBron.

Mauer: Back up before I call a tech.

Rashard Lewis: But we're playing the Lakers


3QC member hevchv is the winner in the competition, garnering eight "recs/votes". Honorable mention to Ben Q Rock and Stan in the Van for great captions, also. 


We'll do this again soon! For those that participated, thanks. If you didn't win the contest this time around, you'll have another crack at garnering precious glory in the near future. Stay tuned.