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Create A Caption #11 Winner

Well, 24 hours have passed and we have a tie in Third Quarter Collapse's eleventh "create a caption" competition. The participation was fantastic and I like to give a shout out to those that hopped on over from CelticsBlog and joined in on the contest. Good stuff. The submissions were excellent and by rule, I am forced to break the tie myself. However, in the spirit of good sport, I'll reward both people. 


Dwight Howard: Hey Hedo, what’s Turkish for "The rim is over there"?

Hedo Turkoglu: Uuuuuh … Rim?

Anthony Johnson: Yeah, it’s about this big and the ball goes through it, you get a new contract, we win some new jewelry, OK?

Hedo: Ball?

Anthony Johnson: I'm telling you guys... $5 foot longs


3QC members big aaron and hamelsm are the two winners, both garnering four "recs/votes" and the rare green "highlight" to top it off. 


For big aaron, he becomes 3QC's first three-time caption winner. PLUS, he becomes 3QC's first member to win two consecutive competitions. Needless to say, big aaron has been killin' it in the contests lately and I'm curious to see if he can keep his streak alive in the next impending create a caption competition. 


We'll do this again soon! 

For those that participated, thanks. If you didn't win the contest this time around, you'll have another crack at garnering precious glory in the near future. Stay tuned.