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Orlando Magic News for May 6th: Dwight Howard Named To All-NBA Defensive First Team, Talks Of Courtney Lee's Return, A Writer Marvels At Stan Van Gundy's Handiwork, and More

  • Congratulations are in order for Dwight Howard, who was named to his first All-NBA Defensive First Team.  He is the first player in Magic history to be so honored. He earned second-team honors last season, while Horace Grant also earned second-team honors in the 1994/1995 and 1995/1996 seasons.
  • Brian Schmitz states that Courtney Lee may suit up tonight. Make sure to drop by 3QC member OllieGator's FanPost to comment on the news. 
  • Today, holds a roundtable discussion concerning a number of subjects - is it time for the Boston Celtics to panic, how far will the Orlando Magic go in the playoffs, etc. Click on the link to check out the full article.
  • Henry Abbott of TrueHoop marvels at the dry erase board head coach Stan Van Gundy uses to prepare the Magic before every game:
    The mainstay of "the board" in the NBA is a list of the opposing roster, with various notations like who can shoot the 3, who will crash the offensive glass, and who needs to be trapped on the screen and roll. There are also usually some opponents' plays diagrammed.

    A typical NBA board looks like it would have a helpful reminder or two for young players, and a hint of strategy.

    Then there is Orlando.

    You walk in to the Magic locker room pre-game, and head coach Stan Van Gundy mans the dry erase marker himself. And that board ... it's beautiful. It just is. His penmanship is meticulous. The colors are vivid (is it possible he has better pens than everybody else?). The information is intense -- every square inch of the board is thick with insight.

    This board is vastly more than helpful reminders. It's a multi-faceted plan of attack.
  • Mike Moreau of Scouts, Inc. breaks down Game 2 and picks a winner:
    Boston cannot afford to come out flat in Game 2, as it is once again on the verge of going down 2-0 but against a much more formidable opponent. More aggressive offense and better defensive intensity can be expected from the champs.

    Orlando will not be satisfied with just stealing a win and gaining home-court advantage. It has a real opportunity to bury the Celtics, and expect the Magic to smell the kill. The Boston faithful know their team needs them, and expect the home crowd to pull their team through.

    Prediction: Celtics Win Game 2