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Poll: Predict The Orlando Magic / Boston Celtics Series Outcome

Well, the Orlando Magic finally know who their opponent is in the second round of the 2009 NBA Playoffs. The defending champions, Boston Celtics.

I know that a number of people in the community have been offering their predictions for what may occur between the Magic and Celtics, so I figured I'd make this poll so that everyone can provide their thoughts. For those that care, expect the experts to offer their predictions today and tomorrow. When those begin to roll through, make sure to drop by 3QC to check them all out in Ben's Playoff Central post.

There's no doubt that a matchup pitting Orlando and Boston should be extremely competitive and entertaining, so it'll be interesting to see how everything shakes out in the next coming weeks. Needless to say, this is an important series for the Magic.

May the best team win.

Free protective masks given to those that offer some analysis with their prediction.