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Orlando, the Magic Need You

"Bring it for Game 3 cause we need ya’ll." - Dwight Howard


When Superman speaks, we listen. 


I know that Orlando Magic fans are bummed out today, having to deal with another buzzer-beating loss and knowing the team was a second away from being up 2-0 in the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Don't dwell on it too much because the Magic need you, the fans, more than ever for the next two games at home (and beyond). The franchise hasn't been in this type of position in over a decade and it's time to blow the lid off the O-Rena in Game 3 and Game 4. People always talk about 1995 and the electric atmosphere at home. Well, it's time to bring it back. Orlando did its job, splitting the first two games and wrestling home-court advantage away from Cleveland. It's time for the fans AND the team to capitalize on the opportunity. 



Be loud and be proud. Believe