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Create A Caption #13 Winner

Well, 24 hours have passed we have a winner in Third Quarter Collapse's lucky thirteenth "create a caption" competition. 


Hedo Turkoglu: I'm still hungry, coach. You know who took my pizza?

Stan Van Gundy: (wiping sauce on Hedo's jersey) I, um, Pierce did ...

Hedo: Celtics going DOWN!


3QC member pcnyc is the winner, garnering a 3QC all-time high of eight "recs/votes" and thus, preventing big aaron, who had seven "recs/votes", from winning the create a caption competition for the fourth time in the history of the contest. Honorable mention to Lee for three, netting four "recs/votes". Well done, gentlemen. 


We'll do this again soon!  For those that participated, thanks. If you didn't win the contest this time around, you'll have another crack at garnering precious glory in the near future. Stay tuned.