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Create A Caption #10 Winner

Well, 24 hours have passed and we have a winner in Third Quarter Collapse's tenth "create a caption" competition. 


Stan Van Gundy and Rashard Lewis: "ok, we're in the zone now! let's make money on that horse!"

Stan Van Gundy: "Thanks for teaching me how to date girls, Hitch!"

Rashard Lewis: "God damnit, for the last time, I'm NOT Princess Peach. Leave me the hell alone."


3QC members dzogi, alexmosk, and big aaron, come away the winners, garnering three "recs/votes", four "recs/votes", and four "recs/votes", respectively. For the latter two, the rare green "highlight" were included with the comments. Impressive. 


For big aaron, he becomes 3QC's first two-time caption winner. Congratulations!


We'll do this again soon! 

For those that participated, thanks. If you didn't win the contest this time around, you'll have another crack at garnering precious glory in the near future. Stay tuned