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Poll: Predict The Orlando Magic / Cleveland Cavaliers Series Outcome

The final obstacle in the way of an NBA Finals appearance for the Orlando Magic is the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by the regular season MVP, LeBron James. Not many experts are giving the Magic a chance against the Cavs (except for Charles Barkley, it seems) - you can check out all the predictions in Ben's Playoff Central post when it's unveiled. But then again, not many experts gave Orlando a chance against Boston in Game 7. Games aren't played on paper. Games are played on the court.

As was the case with the Philadelphia 76ers series and the Boston Celtics series, I'd like to gather series predictions from people in the community, today. You know the drill. Choose the series outcome in the poll and if you'd like, you can add your analysis and thoughts in the comments section below. It's as simple as that.

Free pizza given to those that participate.