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How To Get Pumped Up For Game 7

Today is the day - Game 7, Orlando Magic v. Boston Celtics. 


In preparation of the matchup pitting two East powers (one being the defending champ), it's only appropriate to come up with some tips on how to get pumped up for the game tonight. Rather than make an exhaustive list, let's keep it short. 


  • If you own any Magic-related paraphernalia, wear it. If you don't own any items related to the team, buy something. If you're unable to purchase anything, wear attire using colors that are a combination of blue, black, white, or silver. 
  • Interact with fellow fans. Nothing is better (or worse) than watching a game with your fellow comrades. Go to a bar, a friend's house, a restaurant, whatever works.
  • Listen to some music to get in the right frame of mind. It can be anything. 
  • Watch some highlights of the team and reminisce on the good. 

Want to add to the list? Feel free to share some of the things that's helping get you pumped up for tonight's game between the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics.