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Create A Caption #10

As requested by 3QC member Lee for three, it's time for another caption contest. Given that this is Third Quarter Collapse's tenth create a caption competition, it's only fitting we celebrate the occasion with flair, pizzazz, style, etc. 


What does that all mean? More captions. Go big or go home, right? What I ask from the community is to caption the pic like you usually do and then I'll pick three captions instead of one, like I normally do. Please don't forget to vote! That's crucial. 


Have at it everyone! Don't disappoint. 




I'm sure everyone here is familiar with a "create a caption" competition, but in case someone here doesn't know what this type of contest is ... basically a picture is provided and you, the reader, attempt to come up with a quick sentence describing what's occurring in the photo. The line can be funny, stupid, witty, etc. 


I'll be a judge but I like to have another collective voice determining the winner, that way there's a bit of a consensus among the community. What I prefer for everyone here to do is this ... if you like the caption a fellow member has come up with, "recommend" it. That will be 'your vote', in essence. If you don't know how to "recommend" a comment, go to the comment you like, click on 'actions', then click on 'rec'. You can "recommend" multiple captions/comments, if you want. 


So for a quick recap.

- Write a quick sentence describing what's occurring in the photo. 

- If you like a caption/comment that's been written, "recommend" it.

- After you "recommend" a caption/comment, write something (like +1, for example) to indicate you like the sentence a 3QC member has written. 

- The contest will last 24 hours, so whichever caption/comment gets the most recommendations, wins. In case of a tie, I'll determine the winner. 


Let the contest begin!