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Scoreboard Watching: April 4th, 2009

Scoreboard Watching will give Orlando Magic fans a heads-up on which games with potential playoff implications to pay attention to.

HEADLINER: Detroit at Philadelphia, 3:00 PM

A matchup of two possible playoff opponents for the Orlando Magic. Currently, Philadelphia occupies the 5th seed, but could drop to 6th and face the Magic should they finish 3rd. Meanwhile, Detroit is seeded 7th and could play Orlando if the Magic climb to 2nd... but it seems more likely that the Pistons could slip to 8th and a first-round matchup with the Cavaliers. If you're watching--the game will be nationally televised on ESPN--pay special attention to how the Pistons respond to the news that Allen Iverson will miss the rest of the season due to a bruised ego sore back. I have a hunch that they'll play better and more focused knowing that Iverson has played his last game as a Piston, which will make them more dangerous in the playoffs.