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Orlando Magic News for April 3rd: Quick Rundown On Orlando's Strategy In The Upcoming Draft, More Praise For Orlando's Financial Efficiency, and More

  • Brian Schmitz reports the Magic will, most likely, not have a draft pick at all in June (given the Rafer Alston trade, etc). But this tidbit was interesting:

    GM Otis Smith said, however, that the Magic would investigate the possibility of acquiring a pick, be it late in the first or somewhere in the second. 

    Question for the community, who should Orlando theoretically pick? If you need help choosing, feel free to refer to DraftExpress' 2009 Mock Draft.

  • With a few hours before, arguably, the game of the season for Orlando versus Cleveland, Henry Abbott of TrueHoop provides his thoughts on the matchup pitting the two East powers (citing it as one of the most meaningful games left in the year):

    Tonight: Cavaliers at Magic At some point soon, Cleveland will have won enough that there will be nothing much to play for, and they can rest some people with made up injuries. But tonight they'll be tested, and they could use a win. They are coming off a bad loss on the road to the Wizards, on the second night of a back to back, and playing in the home of a major rival, while the Lakers are still challenging for home court should these two teams meet in the Finals. 

  • Sports Illustrated, with the help of a slideshow, lists Hedo Turkoglu as one of the NBA's biggest bargains. Note Turk's goofy smile in the photo. 
  • To continue with the SI theme, Ian Thomsen wrote an article today highlighting which teams are the most economical in the NBA. As was the case with Kevin Pelton's findings over at Basketball Prospectus a few days ago, the Orlando Magic came away the most financially efficient team in the Association after the numbers were crunched. 
  • Don't forget to keep yours eyes pealed for some of the scores around the league tonight. You can keep tabs with the latest edition of Scoreboard Watching at Third Quarter Collapse, which will be posted soon. 
  • UPDATE: Orlando provides their pre-game thoughts on the game at hand tonight against Cleveland. For a more personal touch, here's a link to Mickael Pietrus' blog where he talks about the game. Viva La France!