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NBA Commissioner David Stern Visits Orlando

Yesterday, as you know, NBA Commissioner David Stern was in Orlando to check out the game between the Magic and 76ers, as well as take a tour of the Events Center (which is currently being constructed and slated to open in 2010). It's confirmed that Orlando WILL host the NBA All-Star Game sometime within the next few years, but Stern was hush hush about when exactly. The commish did have this to say about the building (via the Orlando Sentinel):

"It's a darn beautiful building. It's going to be a wow and I think the people of Orlando are going to be very excited about it."

The Magic were kind enough to distribute a few pictures of Stern's tour of the new arena with Orlando's Chief Operating Officer Alex Martins and President & Chief Executive Officer Bob Vander Weide. Take a look for yourselves. Enjoy. 





Photos by Fernando Medina