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How to Connect with the Orlando Magic via Twitter

The Orlando Magic is the latest professional sports franchise to hop aboard the Twitter bandwagon. Here's a rundown of all the ways you can follow the Magic on Twitter:

  • @Orlando_Magic, the team's main feed;

  • @Dan Savage, the feed for the team's Web Services Coordinator, who also writes for its site;

  • @dantegalante, the feed for the hosts of the Dante and Galante Show, which has produced video gems like this one of Marcin Gortat working the phones in the Magic's ticket-sales office;

  • @Joey_Colon, the feed for the play-by-play man who calls the Magic's games in Spanish;

  • @MagicDancers, the feed for the team's dance crew;

  • @Magic_Radio, the feed for radio producer Justin McKim;

  • @Magic_TV, the feed for TV host Kevin Holden;

  • and @Stuff_Mascot, the feed for the team's mascot, Stuff.

Those are the accounts officially affiliated with the Magic. If you want more Magic coverage, I recommend following these accounts:

  • @DwightHoward, the feed for newly crowned Defensive Player of the Year;

  • @osmagic, the feed for the Orlando Sentinel's Magic coverage;

  • and @OMagicDaily, the feed for Orlando Magic Daily's coverage of the team.

On a final note, you can follow yours truly @3QCMagic and my colleague @erivera7.

To wrap up this post, I'll pose this question to the community: which person affiliated with the Magic--you don't necessarily have to name a player--would you next like to see on Twitter? My vote is for the TV broadcast team of David Steele and Matt Guokas. I know they're reading this site, and I also know they've discussed Tweeting during breaks in Magic game action. Stan Van Gundy is another obvious choice, as is Mickael Pietrus.