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With the impending news that Dwight Howard will be named Defensive Player of the Year, I wanted to take a moment to step back and reflect on what Howard accomplished this season (defensively and overall). Both Ben and I have written copious amount of material regarding Howard's effort on defense so no need regurgitate the same things over and over. But it doesn't hurt to do a quick "Bio Blast" for Howard (a la ESPN), Third Quarter Collapse style. 


Dwight Howard

2008-2009 Season - 

rebounds per game: 13.8 (1st)

blocks: 2.9 (1st)

total rebound percentage: 21.8% (1st)

block percentage: 5.9% (3rd)


defensive adjusted plus/minus: -1.09

opponent PER: 15.8 (against C's)

defensive net plus/minus: -1.1

eFG% allowed: 46.5%


- First career triple-double (30 points, 19 rebounds, 10 blocks) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder 

- 2009 NBA Slam Dunk runner-up

- 2009 NBA All-Star (leading vote-getter; first player in history to net 3 million votes)

- Career-high 45 points (19 rebounds and 8 blocks) vs. Charlotte Bobcats

- Youngest player in NBA history to reach 5,000 rebounds

- Four-time Eastern Conference Player of the Week 

- Nine 20/20 games this season

- Fifth player in NBA history to lead league in blocks and rebounds

- 2009 NBA Defensive Player of the Year (youngest ever)


You go ahead and add 2009 All-NBA First Team and 2009 All-Defensive First Team to the list too, for good measure. I haven't even mentioned any of Howard's many philanthropic endeavors. As Bill Walton would probably say, what we have here is a fine psychological, physical, and sociological specimen who has graced the earth with his many talents. 


Oh, and I think a word to describe the above list is - ridiculous. 


Before I wrap up, I think this YouTube video embodies the type of season Howard has had for the Orlando Magic. I like to say sometimes around 3QC that when Howard is on his A-game, he's in rare "Optimus Prime" mode. Well, watch the vid and see what I mean.