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Off-Day Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Orlando Magic Memory This Regular Season?

Of all the good memories from this season, I have one that I still think is the absolutely funniest of the year. It was a couple of weeks ago against Cleveland when Marcin Gortat became the first Polish player in the history of basketball since James Naismith to hit a 3-pointer. Now that was a sight to see. That’s one for the historians and record books all time.

Inspired by Dwight Howard's words on his official blog yesterday, I wanted to make a post today for the Third Quarter Collapse community and see what everyone's favorite Orlando Magic memory was this regular season? Is there one that stands out to you? Or are their multiple memories that come to mind?


Here are a few of mine:


- Hedo Turkoglu's game-winning shot vs. Portland Trail Blazers.


- Jameer Nelson's game-winning shot vs. Los Angeles Lakers.


- Dwight Howard's dunk on Shaquille O'Neal.


Feel free to share your favorite memory (or memories). We, at 3QC, would love to hear 'em.