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Ask Dwight Howard Challenge #2

I'll go ahead and jump right in with this post. I want to begin centralizing the 'Ask Dwight Howard Challenge' more effectively. At this point, I've just FanShot the contest, which has been okay but I'd like to start making a weekly post from now on. The frequency of the posts may vary .. it's all dependent on when the latest sets of questions have been answered by Superman. Basically, once Dwight unveils his newest Q/A on his blog, I'll make a new post the following day or two. Rinse and repeat. If Howard doesn't choose any of the questions the community provides, no worries. I'll make a new post regardless and everyone can keep trying. 


Right now, 3QC member eltharion_doa is the inaugural winner of the contest. Here's what he asked Howard and the response given ..

QUESTION: Hi, I just wondered what was your favorite zoo animal is and why? 

DWIGHT: Man, I haven't been to the zoo since I was a little kind. C'mon man. 





From the official Dwight Howard blog:

Dwight will answer questions from his fans on a daily basis. You give us the questions to Dwight and we’ll get the answers from the Big Fella himself. Please submit your questions to and we’ll find out the answers.


Anyone who knows Dwight knows that he’s all about having fun and keeping things light, so the wackier the questions the better. Nothing is off limits here, so hit us up.

Post your questions to Dwight Howard and let's see which 3QC member gets his or her question answered.


If you'd like, feel free to let us know what your inquiry to Superman was (just post in the comments section below). Thanks everyone.