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Create A Caption #6

Before we get into the proceedings, don't forget to navigate over to Yahoo! Ball Don't Lie's Bedlam '09 Tournament and vote for Dwight Howard's dunk prop v. the New Orleans Hornets' in-game entertainment. Superman is trailing right now, so help push him over the top!

Now onto the fun. It's no secret to casual basketball fans that Dwight Howard & Chris Bosh are close friends. Both gentle giants were able to bond during the 2008 Summer Olympics so I felt it was only fitting, with the Raptors playing the Magic tonight, to have a create a caption competition. Enjoy. 


(insert caption here)

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

I'm sure everyone here is familiar with a "create a caption" competition, but in case someone here doesn't know what this type of contest is ... basically a picture is provided and you, the reader, attempt to come up with a quick sentence describing what's occurring in the photo. The line can be funny, stupid, witty, etc. 


I'll be a judge but I like to have another collective voice determining the winner, that way there's a bit of a consensus among the community. What I prefer for everyone here to do is this ... if you like the caption a fellow member has come up with, "recommend" it. That will be 'your vote', in essence. If you don't know how to "recommend" a comment, go to the comment you like, click on 'actions', then click on 'rec'. You can "recommend" multiple captions/comments, if you want. 


So for a quick recap.

- Write a quick sentence describing what's occurring in the photo. 

- If you like a caption/comment that's been written, "recommend" it.

- After you "recommend" a caption/comment, write something (like +1, for example) to indicate you like the sentence a 3QC member has written. 

- The contest will last 24 hours, so whichever caption/comment gets the most recommendations, wins. In case of a tie, I'll determine the winner. 


Let the contest begin!