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Advanced Statistics Illustrate the Orlando Magic's Recent Fourth-Quarter Dominance

Check out erivera's latest player comparison, in case you missed it. Thanks - BQR

The Orlando Magic have trailed after the third period in each game of their current three-game winning streak. They've impressed with their ability to dig themselves out of deep holes in a hurry, usually with their defense. Here's how the fourth-quarter four factors look for the Magic and their opponents look over the last three games combined, with a tip of the hat to PopcornMachine for the raw statistics.

Team Pace Efficiency eFG% FT Rate OReb% TO Rate
Magic 75 121.8 55.2% 46.6 33.3 17.4
Opponents 72.0 30.5% 30.5 15.4 14.7

Apart from the hideous turnover rate--if the Magic turned the ball over at that rate for this entire season, they'd be tied with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Boston Celtics for the second-worst such figure in the league--it's hard to complain about how the Magic have played in the last three fourth quarters.

Of course, I'd be much more impressed if they could take care of business early and didn't need to count on brilliant fourth-quarter play. But hey, their three-game winning streak is the longest since All-Star point guard Jameer Nelson suffered a season-ending shoulder injury. We'll take the wins, thanks.