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This Site Has Some New Toys

SB Nation launched some fantastic new features today, and I'd like to share them with you.

  • First, we now have accessed to licensed AP photographs. This is tremendous because it will help us improve our complete team coverage. On a lesser note, it means I no longer have to fear for a lawsuit when I post a photograph that isn't my own.

  • Additionally, we now have new individual-team pages. Check out the Magic's, for instance. It shows recent posts about the Magic from around SB Nation--not just this site--as well as the team's schedule, injuries, division standings, and more.

  • Appropriately, each player has his own page too. Here's Marcin Gortat's. Player pages are similar to team pages in that they record recent stories about that player from around the network. If you click that link, this post will show up, which is weird in a meta sort of way. Oh, there are also complete career stats and a scouting report for your perusal.

  • While checking out the new features, I decided to update our blogroll, which is on the left side of the homepage. Alternatively, you can click here to view it on its own. Links to the very best Magic and NBA sites are there. I've also included links to each team's Twitter feed, if they have one, since Twitter seems to be catching on. You can check our Twitter feed here; my colleague, erivera7, has one here.

That's about it. I encourage everyone to spend some time poking around the new features, and I'd like to thank SB Nation for its continuing committal to providing its bloggers with a first-class platform.

Go Magic.