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Public Service Announcement

I wanted to bring to attention a nifty and useful application I've linked to for Third Quarter Collapse (a link will appear in the left-hand corner of the site). A few days ago, I came across a fantastic reference for all team payroll, league salary cap, and luxury tax information. Included as well are cap projections, future picks and trade exceptions. Think the HoopsHype salaries page, but better

The page was developed by Wyn over at Canis Hoopus. When transactions are made, the data is updated. Needless to say, if you need a quick reference to the Orlando Magic (or any team in the NBA) with regards to draft or salary information, I highly suggest checking out Wyn's handiwork. It's the one-stop shop and ultimate tool for NBA draft pick & salary information.  


Take a look. 


UPDATE: Everyone has less than an hour & a half to go, with regards to posting a comment that may potentially be used in ESPN the Magazine. I plan on sending off an e-mail soon with my thoughts but I'd like to snag one comment from the 3QC community. If you've yet to post, make yourself heard. Thanks!