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On The Horizon

With the regular season winding down for the Orlando Magic, I wanted to take the time to do a quick inventory run-down of what to expect at Third Quarter Collapse for the next few weeks, with the Playoffs looming ever closer. 


Here are a few things on the horizon:


- Interview with Jon Nichols of Basketball-Statistics.

- Interview with Neil Paine of Basketball-Reference.

- I will be conducting an interview on behalf of 3QC next Friday, over at the Most Valuable Network. I've been asked to answer five quick questions concerning the Magic, so be on the lookout for that (I'll post a link when the time comes).

- 3QC End-Season Awards.

- Roundtable Discussion Previewing Playoffs (for Orlando).


I'll go ahead and give a brief explanation for each bullet point. 


I know it's been a bit since I've done an interview for 3QC but alas, the drought is over. Both Nichols & Paine are two of the more gifted "stat geeks" perusing the internet right now. They're both talented individuals with regards to advanced statistics and analytics in general, so I think the community will enjoy reading what each has to say about a variety of topics. 


If you remember a while back, 3QC conducted its inaugural Mid-Season Awards. Well, to continue with the theme, 3QC will be conducting its inaugural End-Season Awards, where the community will be able decide and vote on which particular Magic player deserves a pseudo-trophy. The categories will be the same, but I'm sure the winners will be different. 


Lastly, the Roundtable Discussion Previewing Playoffs (for Orlando), basically, will see Ben & I preview the playoffs for the Magic (simple enough). If I am able to, I may gather a number of notable individuals (someone from Basketball Prospectus or the Orlando Sentinel, for example) and gather their thoughts as well. 


That's everything. Grazie.