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Create a Caption #4: Brian Cook's Text Message to Rashard Lewis

As suggested by 3QC user funny80sguy, we have a new twist on Create a Caption today.

After the Orlando Magic lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night, Brian Schmitz filed this report:

Rashard Lewis was laughing in the locker room after receiving text messages from former Magic F Brian Cook, who was traded to the Houston Rockets as part of a three-team deal before the February deadline. Cook was still ribbing his former teammates through the messages.

This week, your Create A Caption challenge is to come up with what Cookie Monster sent to Rashard to make him laugh. It must've been pretty funny, since Lewis had little reason to laugh after shooting 3-of-15 from the field in a loss.

Remember that texts are usually limited to 160 characters, so don't let your submission exceed that length. You can use a character counter, like this one, to make sure you're still playing by the rules.

Put your captions in the comments. If you see one you like, you can "rec" it by clicking the actions icon (), then the rec button (). The caption with the most recs within the next 24 hours is the winner. No prizes, just bragging rights.