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Orlando Magic News for March 2nd: Don't Expect The Magic To Sign Drew Gooden, Dwight Howard Responds to Shaquille O'Neal, and More

  • As I've echoed around here for the past few days, don't expect the Orlando Magic to make a play for free agent Drew Gooden. John Hollinger from explains why:

    Orlando is a possibility given its paucity of frontcourt reserves and Gooden's previous history there, but I'm not sure how seriously people take the Magic's chances of contending since Jameer Nelson went out. At any rate, the Magic have used their midlevel and biannual exceptions this summer so they can offer him only the veteran's minimum.

  • It seems that Dwight Howard isn't taking too well to the criticism that has been blasted his way by former Orlando center, Shaquille O'Neal. John Denton has the particulars
  • Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy praises forward's Rashard Lewis & Hedo Turkoglu for their play during Orlando's win versus the Philadelphia 76er's on Saturday. 
  • If you have time, make your voice heard for ESPN. Both Ben and I have been approached to provide our thoughts on the Orlando Magic this season in the Mag's "Ultimate Standings", a ranking system determining the best & worst franchises in sports. I'd like to snag ONE comment from someone in the 3QC community. Make it good, please? UPDATE: Comments are due by 6:00 EST tomorrow, March 3rd. Thanks. 
  • Be on the lookout for Part II of my analysis concerning the Value Rating % of each Orlando player. On Wednesday, I'll unveil the starters. Here's Part I, in which I covered the reserves today.