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Off-Day Open Thread: ESPN Wants To Hear From You!

Every year, ESPN the Magazine has a section called the “Ultimate Standings,” where fans break down the best and worse franchises in sports, based on various categories and data.

Both Ben and I have been approached by ESPN to provide our thoughts on the Orlando Magic, a franchise that has jumped into the Top 10 [!!] this year in the rankings (Orlando ranked #42 last year).

Since I’m a nice guy, I’m willing to include ONE brief comment from the 3QC community, in which that person’s take will be included in the analysis alongside the opinions of Ben and myself.

Basically, ESPN wants to know why Magic fans love the players, coaching, affordability, and fan relations, yet hate the stadium experience (Amway Arena).

Provide your thoughts and I’ll pick the best take on the matter. Thanks!

Ed note: I better see a ton of comments. They can be cool, funny, interesting, etc.

UPDATE: Comments are due by 6:00 EST tomorrow, March 3rd.