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Orlando Magic News for March 12th: Polish Hammer Strikes Back; Hedo Turkoglu Game-Time Decision Tomorrow Night

  • Marcin Gortat took the Detroit loss, which occurred a few days ago, to heart and promised a big effort against the Chicago Bulls yesterday. Promise delivered. Here's some quotes from the Polish Hammer before last night's game:

    "I’ve been in a situation in my career where I’ve seen many people from the other team at the end of games scream ‘game over’ in the last seconds [of games]. The other day against Detroit I felt like they were saying to me."

    "Four offensive rebounds by one guy in one minute – it’s just impossible. No excuses for that that…It can’t happen…I took it hard [and felt] responsibility for losing that game. The only thing was I promised myself it wouldn’t happen again."

  • The Orlando Sentinel reports that the Magic are in contract discussions with assistant coaches Bob Beyer, Steve Clifford, Patrick Ewing, and Brendan Malone. I'm curious to see if Ewing will stick around. No secret Pat would like to snag a head coaching job somewhere. 
  • Want to know why head coach Stan Van Gundy has been using different lineups lately? To prepare for the playoffs, which begin Saturday, April 18th.
  • Hedo Turkoglu is a game-time decision for tomorrow’s game versus the Washington Wizards. If Turkoglu can't go, Mickael Pietrus is expected to start again in his place. To be honest, Hedo should continue to rest (no offense, but the team doesn't need him against the Wiz) and come back on Sunday, when Orlando faces off against the Utah Jazz.  
  • UPDATE: Dwight Howard a Kansas Jayhawk? In a new Adidas commercial series titled "March is a Brotherhood", he is. Check it out.