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Orlando Magic News for March 1st: Stan Van Gundy Provides His Take On The Magic Win Last Night, Dwight Howard Compared To Bill Russell, And More

  • Asked what he thought of Orlando's improbable comeback win over the Philadelphia 76ers last night, Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy stated, "I thought it was one of our best wins of the year [...] It reminded me of some [wins] we had earlier in the year. We had some fight in us."
  • With the month of February officially behind us, I wanted to take a look back at a post I made a few weeks back openly wondering how the Magic would fare in the win/loss column after the loss to the Indiana Pacers on Feb. 6th. I felt that Orlando, ideally, should have ended the month 7-3 given the opponents on the schedule. How did the Magic finish? 6-4. 
  • I like to thank everyone, formally, for participating and providing ideas in the 3QC Questionnaire posted at the beginning of the week. There was resounding support for a 3QC Weekly Podcast. All I can say, at the moment, is that I'm working on pursuing this project in the future. I'll keep the community up to date on when the podcast will be unveiled. Stay tuned. 
  • Finally, while I'm on the topic, I will be speaking with PhoenixStan over at Bright Side of the Sun tomorrow on his podcast, where we will preview the upcoming Orlando Magic/Phoenix Suns match-up occurring on Tuesday, and more. I'll share a link to the podcast when it's posted, so you can listen to our conversation.
  • UPDATE: Former Detroit Pistons 'Bad Boy' Bill Lambier spoke with the Orlando Sentinel today during his appearance at ESPN the Weekend in Disney World. Lambier commented on the NBA centers in this era, specifically, Orlando's Dwight Howard.

    "Howard is a Bill Russell-ish type of player because he can block shots from all angles and he plays so well close to the basket. If you could put [Howard] back in that time slot he'd be getting 35 rebounds in a game like Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. And he'd have those games where he's swatting 10 to 15 shots."

    Lambier added:

    "He's going to need to be able to develop a perimeter game in the way Tim Duncan did to really be unstoppable. If you don't have that, teams are going to clog up the lane on you." 

    Click here for the full transcript. 

    It's worth pointing out that Howard has developed and worked on a mid-range jumper with Magic assistant coach Patrick Ewing, however, Dwight doesn't have the confidence (at the moment) to use it consistently in a game. Nevertheless, D12 has gone to his jumper on occasion.