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Off-Day Open Thread: Orlando Magic's Mount Rushmore

Here at Third Quarter Collapse, the community has been having a heated debate the past few days concerning which Orlando Magic players deserve to have their jersey number retired and hung in the rafters at the O-Rena and eventually, at the Orlando Events Center. 


Rather than re-visit the argument, I wanted to side-step the issue a bit and point out that yesterday, Scoop Jackson of ESPN's Page 2 unveiled his personal Mount Rushmore for each NBA team. 


Given that the topic at hand correlates a bit to 3QC's discussion concerning immortalizing particular franchise players, I figured I'd share what Jackson had to say.


Trying to find four people to represent an NBA franchise's history is tough. Probably harder than finding four decent presidents that represent what a country stands for. Being carved in stone doesn't come easy. Stats are often secondary to impact and influence. Remember, Mount Rushmores are forever. There is no do-over. Once Jeffersonized, you are there for life. If Joe Johnson happens to win a championship in Atlanta or Kevin Durant gets more love in Oklahoma City than Jack Sikma got in Seattle, too bad. This is the granite version of a one-and-done.


Here is Orlando's "Mount Rushmore."


Nick Anderson, Penny Hardaway, Dwight Howard, Shaquille O'Neal


Rationale: Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady aside, the Magic are still looking for an identity. Anderson's four missed free throws in Game 1 of the '95 Finals remains the team's watershed moment. And until the Magic win a championship or just get back to a Finals -- as wrong as it is -- Nick's face is as much a part of their history as anyone's.


Do you agree or disagree with Scoop's choices? Let your thoughts be known.