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NBA All-Star Game Open Thread

After a few days of All-Star related foolishness, the game is finally upon us. Of note: the West has 5 centers and no small forwards, while the East has 1 center and 4 small forwards. Hooray for roster imbalance!

I have to admit that I'm not too excited for the game, since Jameer Nelson won't be playing. It's pretty obvious to long-time readers of this blog that I'm a huge Nelson fan, and the game won't be the same without him. Nonetheless, I'll tune in to see how many ridiculous lobs from LeBron James Dwight Howard throws down, what goofy tricks Shaquille O'Neal will pull in what could be his last All-Star game, and if Rashard Lewis can bang in a three-pointer or eight.

Tip's at 8 on TNT. Discuss the game here. Go East.

NBA All-Star Game logo Phoenix 2009
National Basketball Association Western Conference main logo
NBA Eastern Conference main logo
February 15th, 2009
U.S. Airways Center
8:00 PM
Kobe Bryant G Allen Iverson
Chris Paul Dwyane Wade
Tim Duncan F Kevin Garnett
Amar'e Stoudemire LeBron James
Yao Ming C Dwight Howard
Chauncey Billups G Ray Allen
Tony Parker Devin Harris
Brandon Roy Joe Johnson
Mo Williams
Pau Gasol F Danny Granger
Dirk Nowitzki Rashard Lewis
David West Paul Pierce
Shaquille O'Neal C
Injured - Will Not Play
Chris Bosh
Jameer Nelson