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Orlando Magic News for February 14th: A Few Magic-Related Items Previewing The Festivities Tonight In Phoenix At All-Star Weekend

    Just a few quick bullet points today before the All-Star weekend festivities continue later tonight in Phoenix.
  • Brian Schmitz writes an excellent piece in the Orlando Sentinel today chronicling the steady rise of Dwight Howard's popularity off the court. 
  • Want to know what Superman has under his cape (pun intended) for the Slam Dunk Contest? Kyle Hightower reveals one of Howard's ideas in his article, which previews the dunk competition tonight. 

  • ESPN compiles an excellent photo montage of the Top 10 greatest dunks in the history of the slam dunk competition. Check it out. 

  • In case you've missed Part II of my interview with ESPN's & IMG Academies' David Thorpe today, here's the link to the transcript.