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T-Mobile Rookie Challenge Open Thread

Since Orlando Magic rookie Courtney Lee didn't make it to the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge, there isn't much sense in watching it if you're a Magic fan, unless you want to watch Dwight Howard coach the Sophomore team, of which "Air" Marcin Gortat is not a part. Maybe Dwight will bust out his killer Stan Van Gundy impression for us to see.

Check out David Thorpe's analysis on, even if you don't plan on watching the game, because it's just that good. Lineups after the jump. Go... uh, nobody. I guess.

2009 T-Mobile Rookie Challenge
February 13th, 2009
U.S. Airways Center
9:00 PM
Aaron Brooks G Eric Gordon
Kevin Durant O.J. Mayo
Jeff Green Derrick Rose
Rodney Stuckey Russell Westbrook
Wilson Chandler F Michael Beasley
Al Thornton Rudy Fernandez
Thaddeus Young Marc Gasol
Al Horford C Brook Lopez
Luis Scola Greg Oden